Certified Fatherless Daughter Advocate

Moving Beyond the Pain of Fatherlessness

fatherless_logoJoyce Cheeks grew up without her father in her life. And while she knew her father, she never had a meaningful relationship with him. Like most fatherless girls, Joyce went through life silently wanting her daddy’s love and attention.  Joyce learned early on how to suppress the pain of not having her father in her life.

While Joyce was a good girl growing up, made excellent grades, went to college and succeeded in her legal career, she still carried within her a deep, unspoken pain of never experiencing the love of her father. It wasn’t until Joyce attended an event and listened to a presentation on the impact that fatherlessness has on a female’s life, that Joyce began to seek further information.

Through her discovery, she recognized that she too was a fatherless daughter. She started to identify many of the beliefs and patterns in her life that were associated with fatherless daughter women. It was then that she decided it was time to confront this issue and move her life forward. As she began to forgive her father, who was now deceased, she saw her life open and expand in ways she never could imagine and she wanted to help others do the same.

Now a Certified Fatherless Daughter Advocate, Joyce provides workshops and seminars to help women and girls redefine who they are beyond their fatherlessness, reclaim their worth and rewrite a new narrative for their lives. Trained in the groundbreaking curriculum, The Journey to Being Process™, Joyce is committed to helping fatherless women and girls heal their daddy wounds and move their lives on to a journey of love, acceptance and forgiveness.flyer-2-copy-2

In 2017, Joyce was featured in a powerful documentary film entitled, The Making of a Fatherless Daughter. She will join 7 other women as they share their heart stirring stories of what it was like growing up fatherless, it’s impact on their lives and how they were able to move beyond their pain onto a place of love, acceptance and forgiveness. This movie is heart warming, inspiring and transformative. 

Joyce continues to share her incredible story as she travels and speaks to audiences nationwide. She also presents and facilitates workshops/seminars on topics related to fatherlessness among women and girls, while also helping fathers reconcile, reconnect and create deeper bonds with their daughters.

Joyce Provides Workshops/Seminars to:

  • Churches and Religious Organizations
  • Sororities and Fraternities
  • Community Service Organizations
  • Schools and Educational Institutions
  • Fatherhood Organizations

Some of Joyce’s Most Popular Topics & Workshops:

  • The Making of a Fatherless Daughter
  • The Fatherless Daughters’ Archetype System
  • 7 Steps to Your Journey to Being
  • Your Daddy Love Styles
  • The Fatherless Girls Summit

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