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1545659_514157832030459_352467211_nShe’s been called the voice of reason by those who know her. She’s the go to person if you truly want solutions and results. That’s why Joyce Farr Cheeks is in high demand to teach her trademark message of “Finding Solutions in the Midst of Conflict.” Most relationships, whether they be a marriage, a business partnership, a co-worker or a friendship, fail because people simply don’t know how to communicate, negotiate and mediate solutions that work for everyone.

Joyce Farr Cheeks helps her audiences focus on solutions and hope for the future rather than focusing on the problems. She has the unique ability to identify the core issues of a problem quickly, then apply her 3-Step result driven formula to create a win-win for everyone.

Joyce has a wealth of knowledge in conflict resolution, mediation and collaborative law. She relies on her many years as an attorney and teacher to help her clients get the results they are seeking.


Joyce is Available for:

  • Keynotes
  • Open Panel Discussions
  • Small Group Talks
  • Media Interview
  • Workshops/Seminars

Book Joyce Farr Cheeks for your next event.

"She's The Voice of Reason"

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